Don't be in the 8 out of 10 people currently overpaying for staying

The Loyalty Penalty

8 in 10 people are currently paying the loyalty penalty for their household family bills
— Alex Perrin, CEO

The Impact of the Loyalty Penalty



Households affected

The total number of households affected by the loyalty penalty in the UK.



per household

The average overpayment per household.



combined per day

The total combined overpayment for broadband services alone each day.




Rob’s Story


Rob is a retired business development manager from Winchester. He has been a loyalty customer for 25 years. After comparing his bill he realised he was overpaying by over £65 a month. He challenged his provider to give him a fairer deal, saving him £750 a year! Listen to his Story..


Ben’s Story

Ben was staggered when he found out he was paying double the price for his broadband package compared to his neighbour, despite being a loyal customer for over 35 years. He challenged his provider with and saved £500. Listen to his thoughts here!


What is the Loyalty Penalty?

Read about the Loyalty penalty and how it can affect you.



Check and challenge site allows you to compare your bill to thousands of others who are paying for the same thing. Then with that data, challenge your provider to give you a fairer deal.